Irish Coffee and Dancing Coffee (Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic)

Relaxing weekend mornings, after dinner dessert or late evening night cap, fresh brewed coffee dressed with spirits or maybe otherwise, creamy add-ins and fluffy toppings, sprinkled spice – hit the spot.
The thought of hot coffee laced with favourite spirits – that fill us with warmth.

Irish Coffee or Dancing Coffee – Perhaps the most famous Irish drink is the Irish coffee. Over 100 versions of this popular drink exist, including non-alcoholic Irish drink recipes.

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This recipe is one of my favorite recipe’s since my childhood and was cooked at by one of the people I grew up with; NilimaGoswami Aunty. When I got married this recipe was given to me from a hand – written diary of hers and since then has been a favorite of all at my place and most favorite of my nephew Sunny.

The liking of this recipe went up to the extend that every person who would be the care-taker in the kitchen with Sunny had to pass the exam of learning to cook KHOWSUEY.

Thank you so much Nilima Aunty

The recipe… KHOWSUEY

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Carrot Halwa – Gajar ka Halwa (And Carrot barfi)

Carrot Halwa


• 1 kg. carrots
• 200-300 gm. sugar (adjust to taste)
• 500 gm. Khoya or Mawa or 400 gm. dry milk powder, if khoya is not available. You can also use double cream or condensed milk instead. Adjust sugar then.
• 50-60 gm. ghee
• a few strands of saffron
• 1 tsp. cardamom powder
• 100 gm. chopped pistachio/almonds/cashews
• 50 gm. raisins.

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